SWMF - Downloads

The SWMF code can be downloaded free of charge, but there are some very real system requirements and limitations that prospective users need to be aware of. While SWMF is not export-controlled, we are required to track users of the code through a Registration Form before distribution of the code can be permitted.

To get you up and running models quickest, just follow the 3 step process, and you'll be ready to Download files.

Step 1: Review System Requirements

SWMF is a highly tuned software framework and has some very specific requirements that must be met to use it:

  • UNIX, Linux, or MacOSX operating systems
  • FORTRAN 90 (F90) compiler
  • An MPI (Message Passing Interface) library
  • A Perl interpreter

On low resolution grids SWMF can run even on a single-processor work station. However, to do physically meaningful runs with several components, the SWMF should be run on a parallel machine.

If you don't have an FORTRAN 90 compiler, we suggest the GNU FORTRAN Compiler (version 4.5 or later) (http://gcc.gnu.org/fortran/), or the Intel ifort compiler (http://software.intel.com/en-us/intel-compilers).

If you don't have an MPI library, we suggest OpenMPI (http://openmpi.org).

Step 2: Limitations & License

Review the Limitations

  • The current public release of the framework is a prototype for modeling the Sun-Earth system and for doing space weather studies. This prototype should be considered preliminary and should only be used in close collaboration with CSEM.
  • Modification of the BATSRUS component of the SWMF can be done through the use of "user files" which allow modification of core pieces of the model such as boundary conditions and source terms.

SWMF License Agreement

  • Download the SWMF License and review it
  • Print the last page, and Sign the Agreement
  • Send a copy via Email or standard Postal:

    Email Address:    swmf.support@umich.edu

    - or -

    Postal Address:

    Center for Space Environment Modeling (CSEM)
    C/O Tamas Gombosi
    Space Research Building
    University of Michigan
    2455 Hayward St.
    Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2143

Step 3: Register with CSEM

After you've Read the SWMF License Agreement and sent it in, fill out this short registration form

Error! You must check the License box.
 Yes, I read and understand the SWMF License Agreement and, have sent a signed copy to CSEM!
Error! You must check the Requirements box.
 Yes, my computing environment meets SWMF System Requirements
Review Requirements (Step 1)
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Briefly outline the research that you propose to do with SWMF:
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Download the software!

The tar files for downloading contain the following content:

  • i. Source code (check copyright statement)
  • ii. Manuals
  • iii. Test case run files
  • iv. Test case output files
  • v. Test case sample plots

We distribute only the Most Recent Stable Release, chosen from automated runs over the last 30 days. Get the MRSR materials here.

Current SWMF MRSR:    2020-12-30 19:00