SWMF Users and Developers are invited to attend an open meeting to present and discuss on Oct 13-14.

An Invitation to the first SWMF Users' Meeting

From: Tamas I. Gombosi
July 16, 2014

Dear SWMF Users and Supporters,

SWMF and BATS-R-US is increasingly used in the heliophysics and planetary communities. It has been suggested that a meeting between users and developers might be very useful.

We are organizing the first SWMF USER Meeting. It will take place in Ann Arbor on October 13-14. This is the Fall Break at the University of Michigan so we will be able to use the facilities in the department of Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences.

Our tentative plan for the meeting is the following:

  • Monday morning: A series of presentations by the SWMF development team about the present capabilities, new features and simulation methods, as well as about the capabilities that are under development. These presentations will enable the user community to plan the potential applications they are interested in.
  • Monday afternoon: A series of presentations by users about their SWMF simulations. These presentations will cover both terrestrial and planetary applications. These talks will help the developers to understand the strengths and weaknesses of SWMF and its components. It will also help the user community to see where various groups are heading and enable coordination of future research.
  • Tuesday morning: A round table discussion about user needs and experiences. We will also include discussion of educational use of SWMF, from undergraduate to graduate to general public uses.
  • Tuesday afternoon: Available for small group discussions about future collaborations and proposal planning.
On the logistical front I would like to mention that the SWMF workshop follows the home football game against Penn State. I cannot promise tickets, but you guys can use your innovative spirit to get tickets if you want to come early.

Since many of you are very familiar with Ann Arbor we do not make block reservation in any hotel, but we are happy to assist you with hotel reservations.

Finally, parking permits will be provided to those who need them.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me (tamas@umich.edu).

It is also possible that this message will not be sent to some people who would be interested attending. This is an open meeting and please feel free to forward this message to anyone I might have missed.

We will not have a formal meeting website, so please indicate your participation by sending an email to me. Please also indicate if you want to give a presentation Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning.

I will send out a more detailed agenda as the user meeting approaches.



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