The Center for Space Environment Modeling (CSEM) at the University of Michigan develops high-performance, first-principles based computational models of the space environment and uses these models to predict "Space Weather", to understand space mission data and to further our understanding of the solar system.


CSEM is funded by grants from the following organizations:

Models & Tools

The primary focus of CSEM is developing highly accurate numerical models of the space environment using state-of-the-art numerical techniques. We strive to make these models and results available to the community through our collaborations, toolkits and analysis.

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Using their models, CSEM scientists are involved in studying data from many space missions. These include both NASA and ESA missions and span the solar system from the Sun to Saturn and beyond.

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Through the many projects that we participate in, CSEM models are used to test and predict behavior of many real-world space-systems. Some of our focus areas include the space environment of the Sun, the Earth, comets and other planetary magnetospheres.

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Scientific results (and of course cool graphics) are what CSEM is all about. Check out some of our latest results as well as some amazing images and movies created by CSEM scientists...

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